The Hardy Children. Monument in St. Mary's church - - 760352Children’s liturgy is, of course, simplistic; so it’s not surprising that it so often focuses on the ‘be nice to people’ aspect of Christianity. For the under fives, that’s a simple message.  (It’s perhaps a pity some people never seem to develop from this into any more adult as grasp of faith, but that’s another debate).  

And the Children’s liturgy for the first Sunday of Lent will tend to bring out the idea of resolving to do something better in Lent.

So it’s really not surprising  that many of the children at Mass today told us after Childrens’ Liturgy that they would make a special effort during Lent to be helpful to their parents and not to fight their siblings.

So… perhaps I should’t be tempted to tell them that Sundays aren’t part of the penitential part of Lent – and that on Sundays in Lent they can therefore fight all they like!