A visit to Lichfield Cathedral; a tracery of stone in its close amid but somehow alongside the town.

Angel in LichfieldAt first sight you think it’s all mediaeval; then the reality floods in; this building was not just damaged in the Civil War but its main spire actually toppled.  The statuary did not, surely, survive the Puritans unassaulted.  Yet the building has its spire; and the statues their heads.

This is a cathedral restored, and beautifully so.  A sign of resurrection, expressed not just in the stone but in the ironwork which betrays the Victorian hands which took part in its regeneration.  In the Chapter House, we saw the Gospels of Chad, copied by a scribe 1250 years ago – and still legible if you have a little Latin.

Gifts to our time from the past; gifts from the heritage of faith in England.