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In Mass today, one of those moments.

The moment at which the present recedes, at which the here and now is as insignificant as this speck of rock we call our home in the vastness of space.

The moment at which there can be no doubt; the moment at which reason, logic and argument fade.

The moment at which eternity crashes like an ocean wave through the walls, and brings with it the unutterable otherness, yet undeniable closeness of God. God, the rock, the argument, the reason, the present; before whom all other realities fade and fail.

The moment when we know, and cannot not know; when we almost drown in knowing.

The moment which lasts forever; yet which lasts only minutes, perhaps only seconds.

The moment from which we return, blinking and at least mentally gasping, into a present alien and unfamiliar; reluctant to return yet filled with a newness of experience which leaves us urgent to continue, to remain, to live.

The moment which is a revelation of – no, a part of – the life which one day will be ours permanently.

Yes, one of those moments.