A new blog…

Why? To share reflections upon life with others if they are interested, though perhaps mainly with myself – to hold on to thoughts which otherwise might remain ephemeral; the thoughts one has today but which tomorrow have been forgotten.

I will maintain some degree of anonymity. This is not out of any fear of reaction, but because my life is led among others, who will doubtless appear (under suitable pseudonyms) in my musings; and they may not want their parts in my life made public.

A limited profile, though: I live in the English Midlands, with Mrs Fodder; whilst my older children are now adult, there are still some Fodderlets at home.   I have been Catholic for a bit more than half my life, and am involved in my church and parish; whilst I can rehearse reasons for faith in God (and find the exercise of reason a source of fascination) I need none myself as I am content with the simple knowledge of His presence.  I’m a technophile with a foundation in mathematics; I find language a source of fascination.

Let’s see where this goes!